Sooner Trend Minerals LLC


Selling mineral or royalty interests is an important financial decision that can be extremely rewarding. Here are some reasons to consider selling your mineral or royalty interests to Sooner Trend Minerals:


We have a specific and focused mission: treat people with respect and honor our commitments. Our own people have drilled and operated wells in the STACK and know what minerals and royalties are worth without speculating. We aren’t “deal flippers,” we’re acquiring for our own portfolio on our own account. So we believe it’s a privilege to work in this great state and our track record backs up this commitment as we’ve closed thousands of leases and mineral purchases.

Sooner Trend Minerals works to make the selling of your minerals or royalty interests simple and straightforward. Below is our simple process:

#1 ACCEPT OFFER: Sign and return offer letter sent by Sooner Trend Minerals
#2 VERIFY TITLE: Sooner Trend Minerals verifies your interest and sends a mineral deed for your signature.
#3 EXECUTE DEED: Sign and have the mineral deed notarized.
#4 PAYMENT: Sooner Trend will coordinate payment method with mineral owner in exchange for executed and notarized mineral deed.